Vida Sound Bath

Melt away stress with this effortless, therapeutic experience. This ancient healing modality is used to restore the correct vibratory resonance to the part of the body that is vibrating out of harmony, causing dis-ease. Sooth the nervous system, reduce stress and pain and improve memory and sleep through the vibration of sound waves.

Private Sound Bath


“Bathe” in the powerful frequencies of quartz singing bowls and feel your stress melt away. Feel free to bring with you any pillows or blanket to better relax your body during this treatment .

60min | $70

Chakra Balancing Sound Bath


Balance your seven main chakras and rid your body of energetic blockages by having singing bowls played directly over your body. Perfect for a complete energetic reset.

60min | $80

GROUP Sound Bath

(min 4ppl)

Enjoy healing frequencies and vibrations among family and friends! Great for people who want to experience this healing modality and share space with others or for people who are a little timid to experience this ancient treatment by themselves. This is a 60 min session.


Mini Sound Bath

Enjoy a quick but powerful and effective sound healing session. Perfect to add to your meditation or as a sweet escape from reality on your lunch break!

30min | $45

Customize Your Session

Add on an additional service and let us craft the perfect session for you.





Rose Quartz

Face Massage











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